The TikTokers celebrating Chinese New Year and fighting racism

Chinese TikTokers living in the UK tell us how they've moved New Year celebrations online this year and how they're tackling the rise in racism their community has received during the pandemic.

By Digital Presenter and Producer Mojo Abidi

This Lunar New Year, Asian content creators are marking the festival on TikTok - honouring traditions, having fun and fighting racism.

The pandemic means most of the UK’s Chinese and Asian population can’t go home and see their family, so the celebrations have moved to social media.

From dance challenges, to sing-alongs, and teaching followers about customs like the zodiac and lucky red envelopes, creators have been making videos to help ward off loneliness during the holiday.

The hashtag #ChineseNewYear2021 already has tens of millions of views on TikTok.

But creators are also using the platforms to tackle racism against east and southeast Asians, which has soared since the Covid-19 outbreak.

They've been sharing their experiences of racism, calling out racist comments and even using rap songs and comedy to cope and connect.

Ahead of, and during, the first lockdown in March 2020, there was an rise in hate crimes towards the community - official figures showed a 300% increase.

YiYun Bai and Ric Stevens would usually be travelling from London to their hometowns in China at this time of year, but will have to settle for a video call with their families instead.

They spoke to ITV News about sharing their culture and challenging misconceptions about Chinese people.