Boris Johnson reveals why he swapped journalism for politics

  • Boris Johnson tells students why he swapped journalism for politics

Boris Johnson has said the reason he left journalism and entered politics was because he felt he was always "abusing people".

Speaking during a visit to a south London school, the prime minister described journalism as a "great, great job", but added: "The trouble is that you always find yourself abusing people, attacking people, not that you want to abuse them or attack them, you're being critical when maybe you feel sometimes a bit guilty about that because you haven't put yourself in the place of the person you're criticising."

He said he decided to change his profession and give politics a go when he was 35 and told the students in the classroom they had "lots of time" if they wanted to take that career path.

Johnson gave career advice to students Credit: PA

He also said: "Don't do politics immediately do lots of other things first."

The prime minister had an infamous career while he was a journalist.

He was sacked from his first job at The Times when it was discovered he made up a quote.

While working in Brussels for the Daily Telegraph he became famous for his anti-EU articles in an environment where he was surrounded by pro-EU journalists.

When he later became a columnist he was criticised for the language he used to refer to people from Africa and gay men.