Antisocial Britain: Trouble on the Streets? - Tonight

With most of us spending much more time at home due to covid restrictions our communities have had even more of an impact on our lives. But in some areas an old problem is on the rise again.

Since lockdown began last march police have reported a sharp increase in antisocial behaviour with incidents plaguing towns and cities. So what measures are in place to help victims. And are they working?

Paul Connolly talks to residents of the Halton Moor Estate in Leeds dubbed ‘The Zoo’ in the media, to see what life is like for those living there. 

Criminal barristers seeing these through the courts think so as we talk to Danielle Manson who believes some CBO’s are hard to comply with:

Often antisocial behaviour is linked to people living in relative poverty, people not feeling like they have many life choices// criminal behaviour orders over criminalise people. The courts are sometimes setting them up to fail, if you put an order of a court, on a 16 year old, and, and tell them that they can't see their friends, it's very difficult for them to comprehend that, and to comply.

Danielle Manson, Criminal Barrister

This could be one of the reasons over three thousand people with CBO’s breached their order terms in 2019.

With many unhappy with how their complaints were being dealt with, the authorities created a community trigger, but they don’t always work as with the case of our victim in the south west.

Eventually, after about 12 months, we spoke with their landlord [...] we have had altercations, with members of the family, that come round, we had somebody threatening to rip my husband's effing head off. And, I'll make your life so effing bad, you'll have to move. That feeling of being on edge is so exhausting.

Anonymous Victim

With continuing acts of antisocial behaviour they tried to activate a second community trigger but this time it was denied. Exhausted, they turned to ASB help, a national antisocial behaviour charity for assistance. 

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