Covid: Britons can travel to Greece for summer holidays with or without vaccine, tourism minister says

All Britons - whether they have had a coronavirus vaccine or not - will be allowed into Greece for a summer holiday, the country's tourism minister has told ITV News.

Haris Theoharis said Britons who have had the Covid vaccine will be able to travel to Greece and will no longer be required to self-isolate upon arrival.

Those who have not been vaccinated will require a negative Covid-19 test before travelling to Greece.

Mr Theoharis said: "We feel that the vaccination programmes is a game changer, together with rapid tests and alongside PCR tests.

"We feel that vaccination means someone with the required certificates which will be issued by the government will mean you don't need to have a negative test before the flight.

"But it doesn't mean that only vaccinated people can travel. We still have the option of a negative test for those who haven't had a vaccine."

He added that talks are ongoing between the UK and Greek governments regarding the implementation of a vaccine passport, to prove that visitors have had a jab.

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Mr Theoharis added: "From the start of our vaccination programme it has been a digital programme. We've sent SMS messages to confirm appointments, so all this is very digital. We've created vaccination certificates, which show that someone is vaccinated.

"It has three modes of identification: It has a QR code, a signature and a URL which you can verify. It can be done automatically.

"I'm sure in the UK the discussions are still ongoing. I'm sure the UK has something equivalent to automate as much as possible."

Those who visit the Aegean isles must abide by local restrictions, which could include social distancing and wearing a face covering, the Greek minister said.

Mr Theoharis said: "We're looking forward to them and provide an even better and safer experience than last year."

Despite his optimism, the UK government is yet to rule on whether holidays abroad will be allowed this year.

Curbs on foreign travel will remain in place until at least May 17, with an announcement some point before.