Friend of Lady Gaga's dog walker tells ITV News Ryan Fischer's bravery should be acknowledged

  • Video report by ITV News US Correspondent Emma Murphy

The British love their dogs. The Americans love them even more - everyone seems to have a dog in this country. Add to that the appeal of celebrity and it explains why the story of Lady Gaga’s dogs has proved such a subject of fascination.

Horrendous as it is to lose a dog, a man very nearly lost his life and somewhere along the line that man seemed to get less of the focus than the dogs.

That’s why Ryan Fischer’s friends have decided to speak out. As his friend Dr Fred Pescatore told me: "I wanted the world to know his name."

Dr Pescatore got a call in the hours after the attack to tell him what had happened to his longtime friend.

Apart from the shock of what had actually gone on there was nothing about his friend’s reaction which surprised him.

For a decade he had seen him put other people's pets first so there was no surprise he fought to protect them even when he had been shot.

Fischer would walk dogs for celebrities other than Lady Gaga but it was Koji, Gustav and Miss Asia who he did most of his work with, eventually agreeing to move from New York to LA to be their full time carer.

He wouldn’t mind the focus being on the dogs but his friends feel his bravery should be acknowledged.

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"I believe there has been way too much focus on the dogs and not enough on Ryan," Dr Pescatore told me.

"Don’t get me wrong I love dogs and that should not happen to anyone it’s horrible.

"If my dog was taken I wouldn’t be able to speak right now, so my heart goes out to Lady Gaga but my heart especially goes out to the man who was shot trying to protect them."

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