Skipper the puppy born with six legs is a 'miracle'

A rare puppy with six legs has been branded a "miracle" by doctors who say there are no other known cases of another dog being born alive with that many legs.

The 10-day-old brown and white puppy called Skipper was one of a litter of nine, born in Oklahoma on February 16.

Neel Veterinary Hospital says she is one of a kind. Their specialists haven't been able to find any case studies of a puppy being born alive with Skipper's congenital condition.

Vets believe she was supposed to have a twin but they did not completely split apart. So, from the waist down, she has double body parts.

Staff at the hospital do not think she will have to have her extra legs removed, believing they may even help her with her stability and balance.

They say the puppy is "strong, determined and nursing very well".

The pup, who is spending time with her siblings and human owners, will be aided by her family in doing exercises at home to keep her legs strong.