It's time for Westminster to take Welsh independence seriously

Let’s declare it… Welsh Independence is an issue. It’s not imminent and this won’t come as a surprise to those in Wales but in Westminster it’s time to take it seriously.

As part of the Welsh political landscape it has progressed to become far more than just a talking point.

ITV News have a poll out today that shows record breaking support for an independent Wales.

Excluding ‘don’t knows’, 39% would be in favour of going it alone and while this is notable and indeed newsworthy it simply reflects the direction of travel for this debate.

The pandemic has undoubtedly shifted the issue up a gear. It has shone a light on the differences afforded by devolution like never before.

The “cautious” approach to Covid-19 by the Labour-led government in Cardiff Bay has resonated with the electorate in Wales.

Many have stared at Westminster and, on health at least, breathed a sigh of relief that they aren’t beholden to Downing Street decision making.

Suddenly Welsh policy looks better than British and it’s not unreasonable to ask whether now is the time to demand more power?

With Senedd elections in May the politics of the independence debate are on show.

Plaid Cymru naturally claim the issue as their own but Labour are shifting position in favour of a more federal UK.

When the Welsh first minister declares, as he did on Thursday, that the United Kingdom “as it is, is over” then Westminster and Wales are in for a bumpy ride.