Princess Diana's biographer: 'It's as if they have forgotten everything and remembered nothing'

Credit: PA

Next year it will be 30 years since Andrew Morton’s monarchy shaking book on Diana, Princess of Wales.

The revelations he made public back then seemed so incredible as to be fanciful. Time has stripped that incredulity away.

Last night I watched the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry alongside Andrew Morton.

He was not the one to deliver this latest instalment of royal trauma but the words being spoken were in many ways an echo of words spoken to him three decades ago.

Andrew Morton published a bombshell biography on Princess Diana. Credit: PA

Meghan’s descriptions of her desperation, her feeling of being silenced, her sense of being trapped, abandoned, her wish to move abroad for her family’s wellbeing are disturbingly similar to the words spoken by Diana.

Before the programme aired he had questioned what might sustain two hours of interview. Within the first minutes it was obvious the words being spoken were going to be as damaging as those spoken to him all those years ago.

By the end he clearly knew this was another pivotal moment in royal history. As the titles rolled he could only shake his head, “it is as if they have forgotten everything and remembered nothing.”