Reaction to Harry and Meghan Oprah interview continues to roll in after UK airing

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The royal family is in crisis after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex suggested it was a racist and uncaring institution, as they made a series of shocking revelations in their Oprah Winfrey interview.Former Wales rugby star Gareth Thomas, Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock and White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki are the latest to comment on the couple's tell-all chat with Oprah Winfrey.

The two-hour interview with Oprah aired in the US on Sunday and on Monday night in the UK on ITV.

During the sit-down, the Duchess of Sussex spoke about having suicidal thoughts during her time as a member of the royal family and claimed that "concerns" had been raised about "how dark" the skin colour of their son Archie could be by a member of Harry's family.Buckingham Palace is yet to publicly respond to the interview. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also refused to respond to the couple's claims or comments from Labour leader Keir Starmer that their allegations should be taken seriously.

As for messages of support, Gareth Thomas is the latest to back Harry and Meghan.

The duke had previously praised Thomas for going public with his HIV diagnosis.

Thomas tweeted a picture of him and Harry together and wrote: “MY definition of an amazing human being, is someone who is there for you when you are at your lowest.

“He was, and is still there. My choice is to LOVE the man I know, and the decisions he makes.”

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Meanwhile, Little Mix member Leigh-Anne Pinnock shared a message of support for the Duchess of Sussex. The singer said the interview showed the “underlying racism lying within the royal establishment”.

Harry and Meghan said there had been “concerns and conversations” before their son Archie was born about his skin tone and “what that would mean or look like”.

Pinnock, who is black, shared a lengthy message of support for Meghan on Instagram, saying there is no “safety net” for those in the public eye, especially for women of colour.

British barrister Paula Rhone-Adrien said Meghan's comments about racism spoke for many in the UK.

"Everything that Meghan and Harry said really resonated with me," she told ITV News.

"It resonated with me because they were describing my life. They were describing the tightrope that I have to walk every single day when I leave my house."

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Serena Williams was among a number of celebrities who addressed the broadcast earlier on in the day.

In a statement on Twitter, the tennis star described the duchess as her “selfless friend” who “teaches me every day what it means to be truly noble”.

She said: “Her words illustrate the pain and cruelty she’s experienced."

Asked about his response to the interview, and whether Buckingham Palace should investigate the allegations, Boris Johnson said: "I've always had the highest admiration for The Queen and the unifying role that she plays in our country and across the commonwealth."

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said the allegations made by the Duchess of Sussex in her television interview must be taken seriously.

Speaking during a visit to a school in east London, Sir Keir said: “It is really sad to see the family in turmoil like this.

“The issues that Meghan has raised of racism and mental health are really serious issues.

“It is a reminder that too many people experience racism in 21st century Britain. We have to take that very, very seriously."

In the US, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Meghan’s decision to speak about her struggles with mental health “takes courage” and “that’s certainly something the president believes in.”

However, she said she wouldn’t offer additional comment on the situation “given these are private citizens, sharing their own story and their own struggles.”

Mental health campaigner Bryony Gordon also addressed Meghan's revelations about her mental health.

"This is like the onion unpeeling. These are really important moments, actually", she told ITV News.

"I hope this launches a bigger conversation about suicidal feelings and how common they are and how we should be talking about them."

On Monday evening, just hours before the interview aired in the UK, a photo of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex showing their growing family was released.

The black and white image taken and shared by photographer Misan Harriman captures a smiling, pregnant Meghan stood by a tree cuddling Archie as Harry stands behind her, embracing his wife.

Oprah with Meghan and Harry is available to watch on demand on ITV Hub for viewers in the UK

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