How To Age Well? - Tonight

Aging well and staying in good health is crucial, and it also stops people being a potential burden on the NHS.

The government has said it wants us to live an extra five healthier years, by 2035.

In this evening’s ITV Tonight report, actor and musician Martin Kemp looks at the steps we can all take when it comes to looking after ourselves as we get older.Age is just a number

Nick Gardner, 80, is an experienced climber living in the Western Highlands in Scotland. His world came crashing down when his wife, Janet, fell ill with Osteoporosis and Dementia. She went into a care home, which left Nick struggling. 

So Nick decided to set himself a staggering and inspiring challenge. To climb all 282 Munros, mountains in Scotland over 3,000ft high, to raise thousands for charities close to his heart - Alzheimer Scotland and the Royal Osteoporosis Society.

We find out how many Munros Nick has taken on so far in his challenge, within the programme.

Eating well

One way of adding extra healthy years is by eating well and while processed ‘TV dinners’ may seem like the simple option when we are older.  NHS doctor Rupy Aujla shows Martin how a freshly prepared meal can be just as handy.

His suggestion is a ‘no chop, one pot’ containing ingredients full of fibre, vitamins and minerals that offer anti-inflammatory benefits. You can find Dr Rupy’s recipe here


Staying active

As important as it is to eat well, it’s just as important to stay active. Light or moderate exercise lowers the risk of having a fall when older as falls in over sixty-fives normally cost the NHS £2 billion a year.

For many, lockdown has meant it’s been hard to stay physically active - which is why online classes have been so important.

Silver Swans, is an online class by the Royal Academy of Dance designed to get the older generation moving to music at home.

Not only is it beneficial for fitness, but it’s kept class attendees feeling connected.

Associate Professor James Brown is an expert in ageing. 

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