Lockdown takeaway boom: Where are the UK’s top takeaway towns and what are our favourite lockdown foods?

Just Eat has seen a 600% increase in UK takeaway orders this year thanks to lockdown. They say partnerships with Greggs and McDonald's have boosted business in the UK

The pandemic has forced pubs and restaurants across the country to close their doors, leading to a huge rise in takeaway orders across the UK.

So what are the UK’s favourite takeaways? And where are the UK’s top takeaway towns?

Food delivery company Just Eat has seen a 600% rise in UK orders compared with the first two months of 2020.

The pandemic has led to a boom in sales for the world’s largest online takeaway platform, with the current lockdown accelerating sales. UK orders were 88% higher in the first two months of 2021.

Pubs and restaurants have been forced to close during lockdowns, helping a boom in online takeaway orders Credit: PA

Just Eat said partnerships with McDonald’s and Greggs have been key to UK growth. Delivery orders more than doubled year on year in 2020 and rose 260% in the second half.

The takeaway firm’s owner expects an even bigger increase in orders this year due to the pandemic. Lockdowns closures of pubs and restaurants mean more people are using online food delivery services.

Just Eat’s sales boom comes as rival Deliveroo prepares to list shares on the London Stock Exchange. As part of the flotation, Deliveroo will reward its busiest riders with bonuses of up to £10,000. Deliveroo customers will also be able to buy up to £1000 of shares in the firm.

Deliveroo founder Will Shu says his company will reward its busiest riders with bonuses of up to £10,000 when the firm lists shares Credit: Deliveroo/PA

What are the UK’s favourite takeaways and most ordered meals?

So what are Brits tucking into? A recent YouGov poll showed Chinese food is the UK’s most popular takeaway, with 25% of those surveyed choosing Chinese.

In second place with 17% was Indian, and fish and chips was a close third with 16%.

Just Eat says the pandemic has also sparked a change in British eating habits, with orders of Greek dishes up by 116%, Turkish food orders up 55% and Thai and Vietnamese orders up 57%.

Vegan and vegetarian options have also increased 29%, and dessert orders have risen by 93% since March 2020.

Across the Home Nations, there has been a 182% rise in Just Eat breakfast orders in Northern Ireland, a 151% increase in dessert orders in Wales, and a 167% increase in Greek food orders in Scotland since the start of the pandemic.

Since the start of the pandemic, Just Eat has seen a 182% increase in breakfast orders in Northern Ireland Credit: PA

Just Eat says kebabs are currently the most popular order in every single region of the UK on their service.

Where are the UK’s top takeaway towns?

Since the pandemic began, the cities ordering the most on Just Eat are:

  • 1) London

  • 2) Glasgow

  • 3) Manchester

  • 4) Birmingham

  • 5) Liverpool

  • 6) Leeds

  • 7) Sheffield

  • 8) Nottingham

  • 9) Edinburgh

  • 10) Belfast

How much is each city spending on takeaways?

According to research from rival online food ordering service Flipdish, the UK is spending over £1bn in fees to Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats. The cities spending the most are:

  • 1) London - £452m

  • 2) Greater Manchester - £68m

  • 3) Birmingham - £53m

  • 4) Leeds - £41m

  • 5) Newcastle - £40m

  • =6) Oxford - £33m

  • =6) Aberdeen - £33m

  • =8) Glasgow City - £29m

  • =8) Bristol - £29m

  • 10) Cardiff - £26m

  • 11) Sheffield - £25m

  • =12) Liverpool - £22m

  • =12) Belfast - £22m

  • =14) Bradford - £19m

  • =14) Leicester - £19m

  • =14) Nottingham - £19m

  • 17) Brighton and Hove - £18m

  • 18) Southampton - £14m

  • 19) Swansea - £12m

  • 20) Wolverhampton - £10m

Rest of UK - £121 million