Why Prince William saying he will reconnect with Prince Harry in wake of Oprah interview is significant

Prince William’s comment that he will re-connect with Prince Harry is significant, given the two of them haven’t spoken directly for the best part of a year.

Since the Oprah interview was broadcast, on Sunday in the US and on Monday in the UK, I have heard of some movement in the brothers' communications.

I don’t know exactly what that movement is but it suggests they may have messaged one another to arrange, as William promised today, some kind of conversation.

'We are very much not a racist family': Prince William responds to the claims made by the Sussexes

You might not think this is a big deal for two brothers who were once very close, but the very fact it is tells you all you need to know about how far apart they have become.

If William is good to his word, this could be the opportunity both brothers needed to start repairing the deep tear in their relationship which has developed in recent years.

And the potential for the two brothers to mend their broken relationship could be one of the few positive things to come out of Meghan’s interview.

The other positive might be the debate on race in the UK which has been sparked by Meghan’s claims.

Whatever the context in which the conversation about Archie’s skin colour and whoever said those words to Harry, on a wider point Meghan firmly believes that the race issue in modern-day Britain is not recognised widely enough.

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And she believes the issue is most certainly not spoken about enough.

That’s not to say in America, where she grew up, they don’t have their own issues with race, they do.

But in the US they talk about it – it's front and centre. The issue is regularly finding its way into the media.

From her short time in the UK and specifically in the Royal Family, Meghan concluded that the British are much more likely to sweep this under the carpet.

Some people I’ve spoken to in recent days have referred to the Oprah interview as Britain’s “George Floyd” moment.

And people may take differently things from Prince William’s words today that “we are very much not a racist family”.

But in those two short comments from William today, we can read a lot.

Firstly, that he and Harry understand the importance of repairing their relationship, not just for themselves but for the Royal Family more widely.

And secondly, that William understands that every person in the UK, Royal or otherwise, needs to address the issue of race.