One-year-old boy 'fighting for life' after US police shooting while chasing robbery suspect

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Daisha Smalls' baby, Legend, was shot in the head. Credit: Ben Crump Law

A one-year-old boy is “fighting for his life” after a police officer shot him in the head while pursuing a suspect linked to robberies.

Baby boy Legend Smalls has had part of his skull removed and suffered more than ten seizures, according to his family, as he holds on to life two weeks on from the shooting.

The March 3 shooting happened at a petrol station in Houston, Texas, where a man armed with a gun got into a car while Legend was in the back seat.

Mum Daisha said she was sat in the car when the man jumped in – though the Houston Police Department claimed earlier this month she was not inside when the shots were fired.

After refusing to drop the weapon, the man was shot several times by police. Legend was also shot.

The family’s lawyer, Ben Crump, said in a press conference: “They had to remove part of his skull to deal with the swelling of his brain.

“They also had to remove the bullet from his brain. He's had multiple seizures, over 10 seizures. He's still fighting for his life.

“They can tell you every day when Daisha asks, what is the prognosis, they say, it's wait and see, hope for the best.

“He's still struggling to breathe on his own. He was on a ventilator for over 10 days. But little Legend is strong. Little Legend is fighting. And we all praying that he will get through this.”

Daisha said police were “already shooting at my car” before she “knew what happened” and that she was “just scared for my son’s life.”

She said the man told her to give him the car, but knowing her son was in the back, she refused.

Mr Crump has accused the police department of shooting too quickly and before they were sure no innocent lives could come in harm’s way.

“Why would the police not respect her life? They knew she was in the car, this innocent Black woman,” he added.

“But yet they started shooting in the car knowing that bullets have no names on them.

“And when you shoot into the car, you put her life at risk, not to mention one of those bullets had Legend’s name on it.”

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said in a statement they are “hoping and praying” for Legend’s full and speedy recovery.

He said: “Fearing for the mother’s safety, one of our officers discharged his duty weapon, fatally striking the suspect. Sadly, baby Legend was also struck.

“Officers at the scene immediately rendered first aid to Legend. Myself and Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner personally went to the hospital to check on the baby and meet his mother.

“As is standard in Houston Police Department officer-involved shooting incidents, this case is being investigated by the HPD Special Investigations Unit and Internal Affairs Division.

“As is also customary, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office is conducting a separate investigation.

“Upon the conclusion of the investigations, HPD will report back to the community our findings.”