Syrian father urges the world to 'remember us' as the bombs continue to fall

A father has described how his five-year-old daughter cowered in fear as bombs fell near his home in war-torn Syria.

Abdulkafi Alhamdo said children "don't deserve" to live in such conditions and urged the rest of the world to "remember us".

Ten years after the start of the Syrian civil war, Mr Alhamdo, a teacher and activist living in Idlib, shared his plea over video.

Mr Alhamdo's first-hand accounts of life in conflict were broadcast to the world when ITV News began reporting on the siege of Aleppo half a decade ago.

An activist who stands against the Assad regime, he has been documenting the plight of Syrians for several years during the conflict in the country" 

Since then, he has moved several times with his family, leaving the city where he was born to find a safer place. Despite his efforts, he said, "nothing has changed".

In an emotional video, Mr Alhamdo recalls how just days ago, there were five airstrikes near his home.

He said: "The same fear that I felt and family and my daughter felt when we were in Aleppo, it happened here again.

"My daughter was sleeping in the other room and when I heard the bombing five airstrikes, it was really fearful and I went to her to see her sitting on the sofa, putting her knees into her arms and saying: 'Dad, it's bombing. Let's leave.'

"A girl of five years old and she's saying that. It's really horrible for kids. Kids living in such situation, they don't deserve (it).

"My daughter, every now and then, when she sees the gardens or she sees those games in the TV or Youtube, she tells me: 'When will we go there?' I say: 'I don't know.'

"A kid who doesn't see but war but fear but displacement. Who knows? I hope that she can make it and the situation will be better as soon as possible. I hope something can be done for all children in Idlib."

Mr Alhamdo spoke about his feeling of displacement as he has had to move homes five times.

"There is Aleppo city," he pointed in the direction of his former home. "There is my home, there I was born, there I lived and from there, I was displaced. But nothing has changed.

"The same fear, the same horrible conditions, the same situation."

  • Abdulkafi Alhamdo pleads with the rest of the world to "remember people in Syria"

He highlighted the plight of those in refugee camps in Idlib: "These people are suffering when it's raining and are suffering when it's hot, are suffering every now and then.

"While the people is silent, they don't hear their cries, their cries are killed, are silenced. I hope to be their voice.

"I'm speaking today to tell you I'm still here. Remember us. Remember people in Syria. Remember those people who are living in a country alone. We're abandoned here. I hope you can listen to people's stories in Syria and communicate with them, even support them, even by words."