'We feel included': Census to record sexuality and gender identity for first time

  • Video report by ITV News Reporter Frankie McCamley

For the first time in more than 200 years, gender identity and sexuality will be recorded on the census.

For Richard and Lewis Edwards, this "long overdue" change signifies acceptance.

"We are a two dad family," Richard told ITV News.

"We are married, we've got two children by adoption and it seems the census was somewhat a little bit behind and for us it's given us that... when we're filling it out we will personally feel included.

"Something has changed and it feels like the future will be better."

It is a legal requirement for all households in England and Wales to fill in the census and say who was in the property on Saturday night.

The huge poll takes place every 10 years and aims to build a detailed snapshot of our society, giving the government and local authorities the information they need to plan and fund local services.

The census has changed dramatically since it began in 1801, with questions now largely completed online and for the first time this year all over-16s can state their sexuality and gender identity, although these questions are not mandatory.