Joe Biden to host his first presidential press conference - what could go wrong?

He’s had a practice in the White House, he’s been briefed by his aides and he’s had a lifetime in politics - what could possibly go wrong?

Plenty, is the fear among those who know Joe Biden of old.

He has form for going off message, for walking himself into gaffes and creating a whole different story to the one that has been planned.

It’s not quite at the Donald Trump level of off message but it has the potential to cause a problem.

Credit: AP

The first presidential press conference is a chance to celebrate success, to promote the administration to the people.

Having waited longer than any other president, Mr Biden and his team may wish they had done this a little earlier than day 65.

There are of course celebrations to sell, expect to hear lots about the stimulus deal and vaccine rollout but it’s not going to be all rah-rah-rah.

Having waited, he is now in the midst of a crisis on the Southern border, in a country that has seen two mass shootings and with Russia and China ratcheting up the international pressure.

US Correspondent Emma Murphy's News at Ten report on Wednesday from the Mexico/America border where illegal border crossings are surging

And then there is the issue of him and his fitness both physical and mental - fair or not he will be judged on any stumble.

He will have his talking points worked out. Will he stick to them? Will he be allowed to?

We’ll know shortly.