The badly burnt Syrian boy living a new life thanks to a generous stranger

This video contains distressing images

For the past two weeks, ITV News has been marking a decade of Syria's civil war. Our final report is one of hope - the experience of a child who escaped the conflict with the help of a generous stranger.

In 2015, two-year-old Yousef Rajab suffered terrible burns after an airstrike hit his home in Syria, killing his brother and mother.

An ITV News report featured footage of his injuries and the searing images prompted a selfless good deed.

Rohan Karat watched the story and began raising money to support Yousef and help him get urgent treatment.

Six years on, Rohan has spoken on camera for the first time about the "heartbreaking" situation that spurred him to fund raise.

Muhammad Rajab had not been there that day in 2015 when the airstrike hit his family home - he arrived home to find his wife and one of his sons were both dead.

Yousef had survived, but only just. The explosion left him terribly burned.

Rohan Karat had recently become a father himself when he watched Yousef’s suffering from his home in Hertfordshire.

“It was absolutely heartbreaking to see his situation. I don't know what took over me, but I just felt that something needed to be done,” he said.

  • Muhammad Rajab says he has not been able to tell his son how he got his scars

Rohan started raising money – enough at first to help Yousef and his dad make the journey to safety in Turkey.Then Rohan raised enough to help them find a home, where Muhammad has now started a new family.

Yousef, who is now seven-years-old, enjoys school, drawing and playing with his two younger siblings.

  • Warning - some viewers may find this footage distressing:

His education - alongside other elements of his life - are still being funded by Rohan, who continues to donate monthly with the help of his community of Facebook.

"We arrived in Turkey, we had nothing. With the money we received we could afford medical treatment for Yousef," Muhammad said.

"I want Yousef to learn English so he can someday talk to Rohan. He cared for Yousef like he was his own child.”

  • Rohan Karat says Yousef is now "thriving"

Although Yousef doesn't remember Syria, he sometimes asks his father what caused his scars. Muhammad doesn't think his son is old enough to hear the grim details yet. 

One day, Yousef will learn more about what the war did to him and the people he lost.But he will also know of the compassion that came across the world and helped a little boy and his father to live again.