'I actually can't believe it': Mum who lived in mould-infested council flat moves into new home

A mum who was forced to live with rampant mould, leaks and damages in her council flat with her two young boys says she felt like screaming with joy when she was offered a new home.

It comes after an ITV News investigation into the "unliveable" council housing conditions some have endured during lockdown - and at least dozens of phone calls from Fransoy Hewitt and her neighbours to their landlord Croydon Council.

Fransoy's flat in Regina Road, Croydon, was so damaged by mould, damp and leaks, that she and her two sons, aged five and seven, were forced to cook, eat, play and sleep in a small bedroom, the only undamaged room.

She told ITV News earlier in March: "I just feel like I'm going to kill myself if I continue like that."

ITV News Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt on the good news for Fransoy and her two sons

Since the broadcast and publication of ITV News' story on Monday, the council has offered the mum-of-three a permanent two-bedroom house.

Fransoy, who moves into her new home on Monday, described what went through her mind when she was told she was going to get the property: "I couldn't believe my luck. I wanted to scream, like, 'oh my god!'"

Asked how it felt to open the door to the house, she said: "It feels amazing. I actually can't believe it... It feels great."

Fransoy used the baby bath to catch dripping water. Credit: ITV News

On the state of the property, she said: "I actually checked it when I came. I was like, 'No mould, no leak, oh my god! Luck!'"

She continued: "I’m so glad I spoke to ITV News because I was so scared before I came to you guys. (I thought) should I take it to the news, should I not?

"I don’t know the outcome and I was really afraid of the outcome, so I’m so glad that I did," she laughed.

Video footage of Fransoy's previous home shows floors that were soaking wet, water dripping from the ceiling and walls that have been taken over by black mould.

ITV News Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt's video report on March 22 of the 'unliveable' council housing conditions:

The mum said she believed the state of the flat was making all sick as she had to put vapour rub on her youngest son's chest to help him breathe at night.

Meanwhile, Leroy, who lived in the flat above Fransoy, was having to put buckets around his flat to catch constant leaks. He is currently in a hotel but has been told he will be moved into a temporary bedsit while the flat is repaired. He wants to move back as he has lived there for nearly 20 years and he says it is his home.

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