George Floyd: Witnesses still incredulous as Derek Chauvin murder trial enters second day

  • Video report from ITV News US Correspondent Emma Murphy

There are hours of footage filmed as George Floyd was pinned down by police.

Some is from CCTV, some from police bodycameras and some filmed by those on the street as they remonstrated with officers.

The audio is almost as disturbing as what is pictured. At some point, someone on the street asks: “How do you call the police on the police?”

It was asked with a desperate, incredulous tone. That tone has been echoed throughout the first day of evidence in the trial of the police officer accused of killing him.

A year on, witnesses still seem to struggle to truly comprehend what they saw that day. They recall it with uncomfortable detail.

In their minds, this was a police officer using his body as a weapon. For the defence, it is the appropriate use of force as detailed in official training.

The 12 men and women of the jury must decide which view they believe and their decision will have a huge bearing on this country.