Neighbours stars allege racism on set of Australian soap opera

060421 Instagram/Shareena Clanton, Twitter/Meyne Wyatt
Shareena Clanton wrote on Instagram she experienced 'multiple racist traumas' on the 'highly problematic show'. Credit: Shareena Clanton/ Instagram

Two Aboriginal-Australian actors have alleged they witnessed racism on the set of popular soap Neighbours.

Shareena Clanton wrote on Instagram she experienced “multiple racist traumas” on the “highly problematic show”.

Meyne Wyatt tweeted and said he too had witnessed racism when he was a series regular on Neighbours from 2014 to 2016.

Both stars, who are Australian and of indigenous descent, said they witnessed other cast members using racist terms.

Clanton said: “I’ll never work for this show again.”

A spokesperson for Neighbours, which airs on Channel 5 in the UK, said Clanton’s involvement on the soap was “hugely educational”.

They said: “Neighbours strives to be a platform for diversity and inclusion on-screen and off-screen.

"Our quest is always to continue to grow and develop in this area and we acknowledge that this is an evolving process.

“Shareena’s involvement in the creative process and on set was invaluable and hugely educational and will benefit the series moving forward.

“There have been significant and lengthy discussions with Shareena during her time on Neighbours and we will continue to work with all cast and crew to ensure Neighbours continues to be a fully inclusive environment.”

Channel 5 said it will work with producers Fremantle to “ensure Neighbours continues to adopt a fully inclusive and diverse working environment for all cast and crew”.

Clanton has an upcoming guest role as Sheila Canning in Neighbours.

On Instagram, she posted a picture of herself beneath the famous Ramsay Street sign and said she had been “navigating ongoing counselling” from her time on the soap.

She added: “It’s been lonely, triggering and traumatising to work in such a culturally unsafe space.”

Clanton said for legal reasons she was not naming any of the actors she accused of racism, but alleged: “Twice I endured the ‘N’-word openly.”

Wyatt, who played Nate Kinski, also alleged homophobia had been rampant on set.

Neighbours first aired in 1985.