'Why are we being forgotten?': The tenants living in mould-infested flats

ITV News Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt hears from tenants who feel 'forgotten' by their housing providers

Julie Roberts is living with cancer that has spread throughout her body, and she's unable to sleep in her own bedroom due to the state of the mould infestation in her property.

"This is my bedroom. This is where I don't want to sleep - with all the damp," she tells ITV News.

"I hate it, just lying here, lying with the damp."

The 37-year-old is a private renter, so her home will not be covered by the new investigation launched by the Housing Ombudsman into "disgusting" social housing conditions following ITV News' reports.

She's desperate for someone to take the issue seriously and help her make her home in Newquay habitable once more.

"All I want is someone just to come out and say 'it's not condensation.' It's so upsetting."

The company that manages Julie's property, Mears, said they "absolutely sympathise" with her health issues and added: "We have arranged to conduct a full inspection of the property with a guarantee that the works will then be completed as quickly as possible thereafter.

"We will also extend an offer of alternative accommodation until the works have been fully completed!"

Daniel Hewitt explains how tenants are being blamed for mould in their homes

For Tiffany, the news of an investigation into social housing conditions should be reassuring.

But after ten years of asking her housing association for something to be done about the mould in her home, she's beginning to lose hope.

"I've raised my concerns so many times and it seems like nobody cares. Why are we being forgotten?"

Trying to raise three children in a two bedroom property, the whole family has been forced to sleep in the living room - forced out by the strength of the smell from the mould in their bedrooms.

"I do worry for them - their safety, their health, for their mental state as well," she says.

Housing association Lewisham Homes has previously washed away the mould and redecorated - they told ITV News they would also take steps to stop it from coming back again.

Tiffany's whole family is sleeping in the living room - the two bedrooms in the flat smell too strongly of mould. Credit: ITV News

The group said it was "supporting Tiffany in the bidding process for a new, larger home for her family" but said available housing in the area was limited with "around 10,000 families on our housing waiting list".

In a statement, Lewisham Homes said: "Following a property inspection, we have arranged for our contractors to carry out further remedial works to remove the mould and redecorate. "We will continue to monitor the situation in order to prevent this problem from reoccurring."

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