Rise of the 'pub-hood'? Sales of hoodie blankets 'soar by 781%' as beer gardens reopen

Credit: OHS/PA

The re-opening of pubs with outdoor space has led to the emergence of a new cocktail.

Part hoodie and part blanket, the 'Pub Hood' is, according to new figures, selling fast.

Online home shop, OHS, tells me it has seen sales of hoodie blankets rise 781% compared with last year.

The ‘pub hood’ hoodie blanket is an oversized hoodie sweatshirt usually made with fleece type material.

With outdoor leisure re-opening during chilly weather, the fashion trend is perhaps predictable.

Less expected is the way this trend has divided opinion - with one pubgoer taking to Twitter to say: "If I see someone wearing one of those at the pub I think I’ll stick to staying at home."

Sales are expected to rise further as England prepares for another “Super Saturday” the first weekend of pubs re-opening their outdoor spaces.

There is now a camouflage version being marketed as "for those who can only get a weekday pub garden booking and want to avoid being spotted by the boss".

Some may prefer never to be spotted wearing one - in any circumstances.