'I'm very glad I knew him when we were young': An old friend's unique take on the Duke's funeral

Video report by ITV News Correspondent Rebecca Barry

A friend of nearly 100 years watched the nation pay tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh from a unique perspective.

The Queen was joined by the royal family and extended relatives to honour Prince Philip at the Duke’s funeral at Windsor Castle on Saturday, in a ceremony watched around the world.

But of the millions tuning in and remembering the prince in their own way, perhaps none had quite the same personal connection as Robin Dalton.

“I must be one of the very, very few people alive who remember when we were both young, both when Prince Philip and myself wee young… had fun in the war,” the 100-year-old told ITV News.

“I’m sad when any friend dies and I think he didn’t change, he was the same when he was young as he was when he died.”

In the 50's Robin was in a relationship with David Mountbatten - the Duke's cousin and best friend.

In Brighton, someone just starting out on a life of duty is medical student Joel Chilaka.

Joel Chilaka watched on.

He met the Duke of Edinburgh through his award scheme, which was an experience he says that changed his life.

“Watching the funeral for me personally was very sad and very moving and I think it was a really brilliant moment for all of us to just pause ad say thank you prince Philip for all the things that you’ve contributed to, thank you for the things you’ve done,” he said.

Philip Bateman knew the Duke for 37 years, bonding over their shared love of horses and carriage driving.

“Of course I’ll miss him, me and thousands and thousands of others,” he said.

Very few from the Duke's generation are here today to mark his passing. But many, old and young, will feel his loss.