Cancer patient living in mould-infested flat moves into new home following ITV News investigation

Julie tells ITV News how happy she is to have moved into her new home

When ITV News last spoke to Julie Roberts, she was unable to go to sleep in her own bedroom due to the mould throughout her property in Newquay.

Following our report, she's now been moved into a new house and says she "overwhelmed" with happiness.

The 37-year-old has been battling cancer while trying desperately for the past seven years to get somebody to take the issue of mould in her flat seriously.

In Julie's old flat, she showed ITV News the bedroom she was unable to sleep in

As she moved into her new property on Wednesday, Julie says she can now "enjoy my last days" in a home that's fit to live in.

"I'm just so happy to be out of my old place, out of the mould and the damp and moving in to a new place that I can actually live in and be happy.

"Within the week, everything's just happened so quick. I'm so happy. Literally just overwhelmed with it. I just don't have the words."

'If it wasn't for them I would still be in that property with the damp and the mould'

Mears, the firm which managed her old property, offered Julie a permanent, two-bedroom house following ITV News' report.

The company also agreed to pay for Julie’s removal costs.

Speaking on her move in day, Julie said: "You know, with ITV News, if it wasn't for them I would still be in that property with the damp and the mould."

Julie is the latest tenant to have had her situation addressed following ITV News Correspondent Daniel Hewitt's reporting on the widespread mould and damp problems plaguing homes throughout the UK.

The mould in Julie's old flat that she was told was just condensation. Credit: ITV News

Our investigation has also prompted the Housing Ombudsman to launch its own national inquiry into the issue.

The Ombudsman wants to publish the findings of its investigation by autumn, and aims to "make far-reaching recommendations that promote greater understanding of the complexity of tackling damp and mould and share best practice across the sector".

Those with private landlords will not have their concerns addressed, however, as the Ombudsman investigation will only look at council housing and housing associations.

Still ITV News has been "inundated" with "hundreds and hundreds" more examples, which have not yet been remedied.

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