Darth Vader actor David Prowse's items up for auction - including Star Wars script missing a big secret

ITV News Wales and West of England Correspondent Rupert Evelyn gives viewers a peek into actor David Prowse's treasure trove of Star Wars memorabilia

Such was the sensitivity surrounding one of the most famous lines in the Star Wars trilogy that even the actor who played Darth Vader wasn't told about it.

The line revealing Vader's connection to Luke Skywalker was not in the copy of the script given to David Prowse, who died last November.

Now the script, missing the father of all secrets, is one of seven hundred of his possessions that are up for auction.

Prowse, the Bristolian who was the body but not the voice of the Dark Lord in the original Star Wars trilogy, gathered a treasure trove from his intergalactic journeys which is now yours to buy.

The auction is in two weeks time, timed with marketing perfection on May the fourth, also known to fans as Star Wars Day.