Pornography and violent videos uploaded to TikTok as users target moderator loophole

Credit: TikTok

Pornographic and violent videos have appeared on TikTok after users took advantage of a loop hole that allowed them to upload the content as their profile picture.

The "Don't search this up" trend was being used as a way to bypass the app's moderation settings.

First flagged to the company by BBC News, TikTok has taken action to ban users posting the graphic content, as well as banning the hashtag and deleting the videos.

ITV News has seen how users are using the get around to post violent pornography on the app.

ITV News has seen evidence of the accounts on the platform. Credit: TikTok

On the platform users can put videos as their profile pictures, rather than a still image.

The accounts involved often have no videos uploaded apart from the profile clip, with followers then waiting for that video to be updated with other graphic content.

Users share the content by posting a non-offensive video with the text "don't search this username" followed by the username.

Searching the username leads app users to discover the account hosting graphic content as their profile video.

TikTok has said it is taking action and permanently banning "accounts that attempted to circumvent our rules".

ITV News has found sites hosting explicit profile videos and images with tens of thousands of followers. Credit: TikTok

In a statement to ITV news, a spokesperson said: "Protecting our community from potential harm is our most important work.

"Our Community Guidelines extend to all content on our platform, and we work vigilantly to detect and remove content that violates our policies, including making reports to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and other relevant authorities when appropriate.

"We have permanently banned accounts that attempted to circumvent our rules via their profile photo and we have disabled hashtags including #dontsearchup. Our safety team is continuing their analysis and we will continue to take all necessary steps to keep our community safe."