Britney Spears to speak in court on conservatorship that has controlled her life

Britney Spears is set to speak in court on her conservatorship. Credit: Carl Court/PA

Britney Spears will speak in court about the conservatorship arrangement that has resulted in her life and finances being controlled by her father for 13 years.

Under the arrangement, James Spears has power over the singer's career, finances, and even her relationship with her teenage sons.

The popstar is set to speak at a hearing on June 23 after Judge Brenda Penny agreed to a request by the pop star's lawyer, Samuel Ingham III.

Mr Ingham did not say what she would like to specifically like to say when making the request in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday.

It will be the first known time in more than two years that the 39-year-old singer has spoken in court - the last time was on May 10, 2019 and the courtroom was sealed so none of what she said became public.

The judge may also close the June hearing to the media and public.

But Spears is pushing for more transparency in the court battle concerning her conservatorship.

Spears is fighting for more control over her life and finances, although she has not yet requested that the court end her conservatorship.

About 50 fans from the #FreeBritney movement picketed outside the court.

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They carried signs that read “CONSERVATORSHIP IS SLAVERY” and “THIS IS TOXIC.”

One protester, wearing a #FreeBritney T-shirt, had her head shaved in solidarity with Spears, who famously shaved her own head just before the conservatorship was put in place in 2008.

Spears has said in court documents and on social media that she welcomes the support for her and scrutiny of her circumstances that have come from fans.