How Tony Blair's interview with ITV News set the internet alight with discussion about his hair

Tony Blair's haircut sparked debate on social media and on radio. Credit: ITV News

When former prime minister Tony Blair sat down for an interview with ITV News UK Editor Paul Brand the chat was supposed to be about politics, ahead of the local elections next week.

Mr Blair claimed that a victory for the SNP would not necessarily mean Scots wants independence - a claim which raised a few eyebrows north of the border.

But who knew a conversation about independence for UK nations could set the internet alight with discussions about hairstyles?

While political journalists have used the former PM's words to fill newspapers, it seems the public were more concerned with what many said was his "mullet-style" haircut.

Tony Blair’s new 'do also took over the airwaves. Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio 2 programme devoted a segment to discussing Mr Blair’s barnet, rather than the Barnett Formula.

Hundreds of memes flooded social media in the aftermath of the interview, with users discussing Mr Blair's style over the substance of the interview.

The former prime minister was compared to Dr Who, Peter Stringfellow, Doc Brown, conspiracy theorist David Icke and even characters from Game of Thrones.

Here's a selection of some of the best takes from the internet.

Listen to Paul Brand's podcast, Acting Prime Minister: