Joe Biden's first 100 days as president and why he's a politician in a hurry

After fifty years in political service Joe Biden has achieved more in a hundred days than he had in the previous half century. Credit: AP

Joe Biden has a slightly forced habit of jogging onto pretty much every stage he appears on.

It’s probably meant to offer a “hey folks I’m a politician in a hurry to solve your problems” look, but as the triple stumble on Airforce One would suggest, taking the steps with gusto at 78 may not be the best plan.

Yet for all the staged nature of the political dash, Joe Biden is a politician in a hurry.

His first 100 days suggest no lack of vim and vigour in this administration.

As he speaks to the joint session of congress tonight he will no doubt reflect on the wins, getting some control of coronavirus, beating the vaccine target, getting the economy out of the doldrums, bringing world leaders together on climate and getting his $1.9 trillion stimulus bill through.

Emma Murphy describes the moment Joe Biden takes a triple stumble up the steps to Airforce One

But what comes next is his big challenge.

This sort of change doesn’t come cheap nor does spending trillions more to reshape the economy for the long, not just short, term.

Standby for big rises in tax for the wealthy and corporations.

Promises on education, childcare and infrastructure sound good and poll well but they are politically fraught.

He doesn’t have the luxury of a big majority and there are a few old allies in there who are going to just go along with their old mate Joe. Then there are those other politically, and socially, challenging issues - immigration and the border, gun control, policing, race and maintaining political impetus for change when things are starting to feel better generally. After 50 years in political service, Joe Biden has achieved more in 100 days than he had in the previous half century.

If he really wants to secure his place in the echelons of presidential history he will need to ensure the next 100 days go even further. No wonder he’s a politician in a hurry.