Covid: Thousands of revellers back on the dance floor in Liverpool in first coronavirus-safe nightclub event

ITV News Correspondent Richard Pallot joined the party-goers

Party-goers in Liverpool were able to get back on the dance floor for the first time in a year on Friday in the first Covid-safe nightclub event since the beginning of the pandemic.

The First Dance, organised by Circus, will allow 3,000 ticket-holders to the event at Bramley-Moore Dock warehouse, providing they show proof of a negative coronavirus test on entry.

Once through the doors, guests will not be required to socially distance or wear masks.

Another 3,000 will party on Saturday at the venue as part of scientific trials to see how large venues can reopen without social distancing measures, announced by the government earlier this month.

Only people who live in the Liverpool City area were able to book tickets for the event and they had to test negative for coronavirus the day before the event, and are being urged to take another PCR test five days later to ensure any transmission of the virus is monitored.

It means that revellers will be able to dance together - and even hug - without going against any Covid restrictions.

  • Watch party-goers at Circus hit the dance floor for the first time in a year:

Circus owner and DJ Yousef Zaher said that the night could be "emotional".

He said: "It's going to be literally bells and whistles, a really significant moment."

"It could get teary," he added.

DJ Lauren Lo Sung who is performing at the event alongside Yousef said she was "proud" to be part of the event.

"I'm absolutely ecstatic," she said.

"I've been waiting a long time for this, I think everyone has.

"We're all buzzing, the whole city's buzzing. We feel so lucky to put this show on."

Reveller Tapi said he was looking forward to seeing "new faces" adding: "It has been so long with the pandemic.

"I'm not really that worried because everyone got a test yesterday so the realistic chances of getting infected is really small."

"It's going to be amazing," he added.

It is not the only large-scale event in the city taking place this weekend.

On Sunday, a 5,000-strong crowd is expected at a music festival at Liverpool's Sefton Park.

One reveller said that Liverpool was the best place for the pilot events to happen, adding: "Scousers love to party. Once we get in, we're here to have a good time."

She added: "I think we will be buzzing when we get in and we know it's safe, we know it's a controlled environment and I think we're all just missing that chance to reconnect.

"I think it will be electric inside.

"There are people inside we're meeting in there that we've not seen for a year and this gives us the chance to meet up with those people - I can't wait."

"We're doing what we do best," laughed another young woman.

"Especially in Liverpool. We are the party destination, so we will do it properly."

Her friend added: "I can't wait to find our mates and give everybody a squeeze."

Friends Lydia Tanker and Eden Bell said it was exciting to see some things get "back to normal".

"It's been so long since we've been able to do anything like this," Eden said.

"I've got butterflies, honestly," Lydia added.

Two in Liverpool are looking forward to the club

Initially, Boris Johnson said the events in the trial would feature so-called Covid passports but Liverpool council said events in the city would instead trial social distancing, ventilation and test-on-entry protocols.

An event at the Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool had been scheduled for April 16, but the venue pulled out of the scheme following "confusing messaging" from the government.