Covid: India records its highest number of coronavirus cases with more than 400,000

ITV News Correspondent Geraint Vincent reports on the rising cases in India, struggling vaccine rollout and a fire on an ICU which left 18 dead.

India has recorded a dramatic jump to more than 400,000 Covid-19 cases - its biggest ever daily case count, as the second coronavirus wave hits India.

According to the Ministry of Health, India recorded 401,993 new daily infections, as well as 3,523 deaths in the past 24 hours.

Eighteen people, including 12 patients, died in the state of Gujarat when an oxygen cylinder on an intensive care unit caught fire.

The latest grim figures come as all adults in India are now eligible to be vaccinated.

However several states, including Maharashtra, are reporting shortages of coronavirus vaccine vials which has stopped them from vaccinating more people.

India had previously focused on vaccinating frontline workers and adults over the age of 45.

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So far, government vaccines have been free, and private hospitals have been permitted to sell shots at a price capped at 250 rupees, or around £2.50.

However this will now change as prices for state governments and private hospitals will be determined by vaccine companies.

Some states might not be able to provide vaccines for free as they are paying twice as much as the federal government for the same vial, and prices at private hospitals could rise dramatically.

India's debilitating second Covid-19 wave and a shortage of medical oxygen has produced a black market where cylinders are being sold at up to 15 times their original cost.

The extortionate goods are being snapped up by people forced to care for their loved ones while hospitals overflow with patients.

"I think, on this earth, you would never have seen this situation where people are dying and we are forced to give oxygen, or a miracle assistance, to people sitting in their cars," Manjinder Singh Sirsa told ITV News.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa said he suffers anxiety attacks when he hears from those whose loved ones are dying

In an attempt to prevent coronavirus sufferers being priced out, Mr Singh and other Sikh volunteers in Delhi have been offering free oxygen to people in cars.

The team has also been building a temporary hospital. It is hoped to hold up to 200 beds and will open on Sunday.

"I’ve had anxiety attacks for the last two days, because when I answer my phone... people are crying saying, 'we’ve lost three family members, the fourth is dying in front of me - please help me with a bed'," the president of the Delhi Gurdwara Management committee said.

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has extended its coronavirus appeal to include India in order to provide aid and medical supplies to the country. Those wishing to donate can do so here.