Hungerford in Berkshire overrun by pigeons and wants to send the birds to Whitby in North Yorkshire

The mess the pigeons' droppings creates has ruffled the feathers of residents in Hungerford, Berkshire, ITV News Correspondent Martha Fairlie reports

A Berkshire town overrun by pigeons wants to outsource its problem to North Yorkshire by sending some of its birds there.

Residents in Hungerford are fed up with the mess the pigeons' droppings creates. They say it is a health and safety concern as people could slip on the mess.

It has become such a problem the town has its own pigeon committee.

And as past efforts to crack down on the problem have failed, the local council - desperate for new ideas - are thinking of catching the birds and sending them on a one way trip to Whitby.

So how is that going to fly in the seaside town?