Meet the two adorable pygmy goats that are helping students in Wales

ITV News Wales and West of England Correspondent Rupert Evelyn met the new 'teacher's pets' in class

A school in South Wales has brought in two pygmy goats to boost its collection of animals to help students' education and mental wellbeing for Mental Health Awareness Week.

It's hard not to be drawn to the animals, particularly the pygmy goats - which are just 13 weeks old.

They have the ability to make instant friends and have proved to be very popular at Headlands School in Penarth.

The school has also acquired alpacas, chickens, ducks and a companion dog over the past 18 months so that students can get involved in looking after them.

From feeding the animals to building areas for them to live in, it also provides students with a safe space for learning and interacting.

One student tells ITV News the animals have encouraged him to come into school more. Credit: ITV News

The school pupils who are looking after them are already reaping in the benefits.

One student told ITV News: "If you're having a bad day then you can express your feelings and you can just stay calm and spend time with them."

Another student added: "It's really good for our mental health, they're proper cosy."

A third said: "Before we had the animals, I was quite not motivated to come to school, I would usually not come in on some days.

"And obviously, now having the animals it's given me motivation to come into school to look after them."