'I don't want to hear screams anymore': The young girl sleeping in fear in Gaza

ITV News Senior Affairs Correspondent John Irvine reports on the conflict in Gaza as one girl becomes a symbol of the crisis

A 10-year-old girl whose tearful video over the destruction of her neighbour's homes in Gaza went viral has said she "doesn't want to hear screams anymore".

In emotional footage, Nadin Abd Al-Latif struggled to understand why her neighbourhood is pounded by Israeli weapons and says she is helpless to do anything about the rubble around her.

Speaking to ITV News, she talked about how she tries to protect her brother from bombs at night despite all children fearing bombs that can come "any minute".

"Every day, every night I hear a bomb, I don’t want to hear it," she said.

"I bring my brother close to me, we sleep away from windows and doors and stuff like that and then when we do that I just put the pillow on top of my head so I can’t hear anything.

"I don’t want to hear any screams anymore, any cries, it just hurts my heart."

'Every day, every night I hear a bomb, I don’t want to hear it'

In the viral video, first shared on Saturday, she said: "I'm always sick I don't know, I can't do anything, you see all of this, what do you expect me to do? Fix it? I'm only 10."

She goes on to say "I just want to be a doctor or anything to help my people, but I can't."

On Monday, she told ITV News her message to the rest of the world would be to stop arming the Israeli army.

"Please stop giving weapons and bombs to the occupiers, because we don’t deserve this… we are kids and we don’t know our future," she said.

"We are just siblings that sit in our houses like normal people but you just give the bombs and kill us.

"They are literally killing kids, any time a bomb can come to us, any time, you don’t know. Every minute, every second, every hour."

The original clip was recorded by the Middle East Eye and shared on social media, racking up millions of views on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

As she stands among the rubble of her neighbour's house, she says most of the people around her are children and asks: "Why would you just send a missile to them and kill them? It's not fair, it's not fair."

The Middle East Eye said the video was filmed on May 15 after an Israeli airstrike destroyed her neighbour's house, killing eight children and two women.

During the video she says the current violence makes her cry every day.

She goes on to say: "I said to myself, why do we deserve this? What did we do for this? My family said they just hate us. They just don't like us because we are Muslims."

The US for the third time this week has blocked a joint UN statement calling for both sides to pull back, ITV News Global Security Editor Rohit Kachroo reports

The violence between Israel and Gaza is the worst its been in years with hundreds of civilian casualties already reported.

Rockets and missiles fired by Hamas and the Israeli defence force have destroyed buildings and left people homeless - with the majority of the damage being caused by the Israeli forces.

Some of the worst destruction so far was reported early on Monday after a series of airstrikes by Israeli forces rocked Gaza.

Israel's airstrikes have targeted a number of Gaza's tallest buildings, which Israel alleges contained Hamas military infrastructure.

For the third time this week, the US blocked a joint UN statement calling for both sides to pull back.

On Monday night, however, President Biden "expressed his support" for a ceasefire in a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A statement from the White House said the US leader also "encouraged Israel to make every effort to ensure the protection of innocent civilians".

President Biden "reiterated his firm support for Israel to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket attacks," the statement added.