The 12 victims of Fred and Rose West as police find 'evidence' of body buried in cafe where Mary Bastholm worked

Fred West's victims Anne McFall and Lucy Partington. Mary Bastholm (right) is feared to be another victim Credit: PA

Serial killer Fred West has hit headlines again after police searching for Mary Bastholm - feared to be one of his victims - found "possible evidence" to suggest a body is buried beneath a cafe where she worked.

Excavation work will now begin on the site.

Mary was just 15 when she went missing on her way to catch a bus in Gloucester in 1968. She was a worker at Pop In cafe, where West had been a customer.

She is feared to be one of about a dozen of West's victims.

The House of Horrors inquiry led to the eventual discovery of the bodies of 12 young women and girls.

The victims, in order of their disappearance, were:

  • Anne McFall

Anne McFall Credit: PA

Her skeletal remains, with the remains of her unborn baby, were found in a field at Kempley, near West’s home village of Much Marcle.

  • Catherine ‘Rena’ Costello

Catherine Costello was West's first wife before he married Rosemary (Rose) in 1972.

Fred and Catherine married at Ledbury in 1962, when Catherine was pregnant with Charmaine, the daughter of another man.

Her body was found at a field in Kempley near where Anne McFall was buried.

Fred and Rose West were involved in the murders of the following 10 victims:

  • Charmaine West

  • Lynda Gough

  • Carole Ann Cooper

Lucy Partington Credit: PA
  • Lucy Partington

  • Therese Siegenthaler

  • Shirley Hubbard

  • Juanita Mott

Soon after Juanita’s death, the floor of the cellar, where bodies were arranged neatly in a clockwise fashion below, was concreted over. The room was turned into a bedroom for Fred and Rose West's children.

  • Shirley Anne Robinson

  • Alison Chambers

  • Heather West

Heather, who was Fred and Rose West's daughter, was murdered and buried under the garden patio.

Her parents never reported her missing, although they told people they had.