Israel-Gaza conflict: 10-year-old tells ITV News she 'was scared they would bomb us again'

This video contains distressing images

Video report by ITV News Senior Correspondent John Irvine

A 10-year-old has told ITV News of her fears of losing her home to a bomb again, as a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is continuing to hold.

Randa’s latest taste of war inevitably brought back painful memories of her last - which made her an orphan in 2014, when she was just three years old.

Back then ITV News found Randa in hospital, where the aunt left to raise her would occasionally get her to sit forward to ease the agony caused by extensive burns.

Randa was distraught when bombs started landing in Gaza yet again, and at just 10 years of age she persuaded grown ups to leave and find a safer hiding place.

"I was scared they would bomb our house again, so I wanted everybody to evacuate," she said.

'I was scared they would bomb our house again': 10-year-old tells ITV News she urged everyone to evacuate

Eleven days of conflict between Israel and Hamas has destroyed communities, ravaged holy sites and left 260 dead.

Just a week ago people in Gaza woke up to news of what would be the deadliest air strike of the conflict.

The Israelis said they were targeting Hamas bunkers which were deliberately situated under civilian homes.

However, those houses collapsed killing at least 42 people on this street in Gaza City.

Families have been wiped out in Gaza after having no prior warning bombs were due to strike their home, ITV News Senior International Affairs Correspondent John Irvine reports

One of those killed on al-Wehda Street was Dr Ayman Abu Al-Ouf, an eminent Gazan physician.

At the biggest hospital in Gaza, not far from the office he will never use again, the doctor’s 17-year-old son lies in intensive care.

Omar isn’t just an orphan, he’s a sole survivor having lost his father, mother, brother and sister.

He told ITV News' John Irvine the fourth bomb to strike the family home brought the building down, trapping him under rubble for 12 hours.

Omar's a sole survivor having lost his father, mother, brother and sister to the airstrikes. Credit: ITV News

When asked what he would do once he's recovered, he told ITV News he would try to legally prosecute the people who had murdered his family.

During the worst of it, 10-year-old Nadine Abdullatief was one of those who put a voice to Gaza’s latest trauma.

Just a week ago, Ms Abdullatief said she "doesn't want to hear screams anymore".

Speaking to ITV News, she talked about how she tries to protect her brother from bombs at night despite all children fearing bombs that can come "any minute".

"Every day, every night I hear a bomb, I don’t want to hear it," she said.

Now, she and her brother are trying to look ahead, beyond the rubble.

'I want to help people who are sick... and he wants to rebuild the destroyed homes': 10-year-old Nadine tells ITV News

Nadine told ITV News: "I want to help those who are sick with my people."

"And he [my brother] wants to help his people by building the destroyed homes - like this one and that one," she adds.