Dominic Cummings will allege Boris Johnson said 'Covid is only killing 80-year-olds'

Dominic Cummings resigned from Number 10 last year. Credit: PA

Dominic Cummings will not pull his punches when criticising the prime minister tomorrow.

In evidence to MPs on the combined Health and Science committees, he will allege Boris Johnson said “Covid is only killing 80-year-olds” when delaying lockdown in the autumn.

Cummings will say that the PM insisted he wouldn’t repeat what he saw as his mistake of March when being pressurised over the possible collapse of the NHS, and added that “I’m going to be the mayor of Jaws, like I should have been in March”.

As I have reported, potentially the most damaging testimony from Johnson’s former chief aide is likely to be around his failed attempt to persuade the prime minister to lock down in September.

I’ve asked Downing Street for a response. So far they have declined to say anything. 

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