How busy will UK destinations be this bank holiday?

ITV News Consumer Editor Chris Choi reports on the bank holiday destinations Brits will be heading to this weekend

With weather this bright, it’s easy to believe the dark days are behind us.

Restrictions badly dented three bank holidays this season including Easter - making this weekend more crucial than ever.

New research shows only about a third (35%) of planned domestic summer trips have actually already been booked as people take a “wait and see” approach. 

According to Visit Britain, 26% of people are considering a day trip in the next two weeks.

Many people are still waiting to book their holidays. Credit: AP

But less than half (46%) feel confident about an overnight UK stay in the next month.Moth balled attractions are powering back into life with this weekend seen as a turning point for UK tourism. 

Before mass overseas travel, UK seasides boomed in the 50s and early 60s many now predict that uncertainties about foreign holidays will make 2021 a golden year for domestic tourism.

If all goes well for UK tourism it will get £50 billion of our spending - just over half of pre-pandemic earnings.