Manchester City and Chelsea get ready for Champions League final in Porto

For some fans, seeing their team in the Champions League final provides a release after the struggles of Covid, ITV News Correspondent Richard Pallot reports

The hours of preparation and travel to get to Porto and the Champions League final has been worth it, especially after such a tough time with the pandemic, excited Manchester City and Chelsea FC fans said as they arrived in the coastal city.

British football fans can be seen singing and changing in the streets of Porto, in Portugal, on Saturday afternoon, ahead of the clash between Man City and Chelsea.

Cafes and bars in the area were flooded with football supporters.

One Chelsea fan, whose father had died from Covid-19, told ITV News it felt great to be in Portugal supporting his team after a "horrendous time".

Asked why he travelled to Porto, he said: "For the love of Chelsea and the fans.

"It's.. you know.. everyone's had such a terrible time, it's been so great," he said as he struggled to hold back his emotions.

'It's been a horrendous time and it's great to come out here and cheer the blues on.'

He explained: "I lost me dad. Dad was the latest person that died of Covid. He was a proper gentleman, a true gentleman.

"We've not had his funeral yet because of restrictions and the amount of people that love him, so we've been hanging on so we could have more people but it's not worked out that way yet."

He said his sister had also been dealing with cancer and added: "So it's been a horrendous time and it's great to come out here and cheer the blues on. So thank you very much, boys."

Wearing a hat made from a Chelsea flag, he recounted how David Luiz once took a similar-looking hat from him after celebrations following a win against Bayern Munich. He said: "So hopefully, one of the Chelsea players can have my hat after the day and we'll come out victorious again."

'I don't care how long it takes' to travel to the Champions League final

Another self-confessed "massive Chelsea fan" told ITV News: "I'd do anything to come and watch Chelsea. I don't care how long it takes, if it takes 15 hours, I'm going to be there anyway, so I don't care about the logistics, whatsoever."

A Man City fan carrying a big banner at the arrivals hall said she has "waited years" for Man City to get to the Champions League final.

She said: "Alls I want is my boys to just win this Champions League for our fans because we've been so loyal. Please say, just do it for us, and I'm sure we will because I trust in Pep.

Speaking about what it means to be able to fly out to see the final, she said: "I'm speechless. To be honest, it means the absolute world to me. You know, the money doesn't mean anything.

'Believe me, I've waited years' for Man City to get to the Champions League final

"It's just something I've always wanted to do - go to a Champions League final and I've never ever thought in my lifetime that Man City would ever get to a Champions League final and I'm sure we're going to go and win it."

A Chelsea fan was beaming after getting off the plane, saying she and her family are in Porto to "take the trophy home".

One of her family members said: "I follow Chelsea home and away, all over Europe, so it's one of those where you literally do anything for your club and it's one of those where when we bring the trophy home, it'll be worth it.

'When Chelsea bring the trophy home, it'll be worth it'

"That whole 24 hours or so of travelling from London to Porto and back will definitely be something we remember. It'll live long in our memories for sure."

Speaking about the Covid rules for international travel, he said: "The tests has been a bit stressful, trying to wait for the results for some time, but it's one of those where eventually we got it after several phone calls with the Covid testing companies.

"But I guess if there was a way to avoid the testing then that would be ideal just to save the hassle and obviously the cost of the testing as well. But for what it's worth, I'm hoping it's a brilliant trip for us."