Ross Kemp launches campaign to thank volunteers for helping during the pandemic

Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp has launched the Cheers for Volunteers campaign to thank those who have worked for free to provide assistance during the pandemic.

The actor and television presenter has partnered with the Together Coalition and Royal Voluntary Service charities to honour volunteers.

As part of the campaign he has met volunteers at The Volunteer pub in central London to thank them for their efforts.

Ross Kemp with volunteers Credit: Royal Volunteer Service/PA

Kemp, 56, said: “What a fantastic bunch of people. It was a pleasure to take them out for a drink and I was honoured to kick off Cheers for Volunteers.

“Wherever you will be at 5pm on July 4 please join me in raising your drink of choice to all of the volunteers who have seen us through the pandemic.

“The last year has been hard for all of us, but we also saw it bringing our communities closer together.

“Whatever happens next in the pandemic we’re going to need to keep that community spirit going.”

The Cheers for Volunteers campaign is part of the National Thank You Day on July 4, which is designed to thank people for their work during the pandemic.

At 5pm on July 4 the public are being urged to join in raising a drink of their choice for volunteers.

Catherine Johnstone, Royal Voluntary Service chief executive, said: “The volunteer effort over the past year has been nothing short of phenomenal.”

She added: “The ‘Cheers for Volunteers’ as part of National Thank You Day is a fantastic way for people to come together and express their gratitude.”