Ask A Woman: Julie Etchingham discovers inspiring women's lockdown lessons

Julie Etchingham's podcast sees the ITV News presenter seek insights and wisdom from a range of inspiring women.

Julie Etchingham is back with another series of Ask A Woman - the podcast that talks to bright, powerful, fascinating and funny women.

After a small pause caused by a big pandemic, the ITV News presenter is out to find out what each guest has learned in lockdown and ask them what comes next.Journalist and author Mary Ann Sieghart joins Julie for Episode Seven of Ask A Woman to discuss her new book ‘The Authority Gap’ looking at why women are still taken less seriously than men.

In a really absorbing conversation, Mary Ann discusses:

01:22 - why she wants men to read her book

03:30 - the real-life moments that motivated her research

06:56 -  on sexism starting in the classroom

09:02 - why the authority gap is growing

11:19 - making parenting an equal occupation 

14:23 - advice on being an authoritative woman

17:09 - the challenges facing women of colour and women with disabilities 

19:00 - some of the 140 things she wants people to do to be better feminists 

22:47 - why sexism in schools needs to be taken more seriously

25:51 - why a pirate Queen and Patti Smith would be invited to her dream dinner party

So far this series, Julie has spoken to a range of talented women, all of whom you can hear in the podcast player at the top of this article.In episode one we heard from comic performer, TV presenter and now novelist Mel Giedroyc, who told Julie why she spent so much time in a cupboard during lockdown and how a near-bankruptcy experience inspired her new novel.

Mel Giedroyc told Julie about the family crisis that erupted minutes before she was about to appear live on TV from her home for Eurovision. Credit: PA

Episode two of this series saw criminal barrister Alex Wilson open up about her journey into law, why she hates cancel culture and her mission to fight racism in the courtroom.

Alex Wilson's debut novel 'In Black and White' explores her life and work as a young barrister. Credit: Twitter/ @EssexBarrister

And episode three saw leading economist Kalpana Kochhar join Julie to explain how she's been navigating the pandemic in HR and why the global crisis is a wake-up call for gender equality.

Elif Shafak's books have been translated into 55 languages Credit: PA

Award-winning Turkish-British novelist Elif Shafak joins Julie in episode four to talk authors and lockdowns, how she's stayed sane in a divisive pandemic and share her lessons learned after being put on trial for the views of her fictional characters.

Justine Greening became the first openly gay cabinet minister when she came out in 2016. Credit: PA

Former education secretary Justine Greening joins Julie in episode five and shares why she had to quit government to gain the power to change lives, plus why the Treasury is great at potholes but struggles with people.

Psychotherapist and counsellor Julia Samuel discussed embracing change and handling loss. Credit: Facebook/ Julie Samuel MBE

Renowned psychotherapist and counsellor Julia Samuel joins for episode six to discuss grief, change, the recent tribute to her close friend Princess Diana and the role the stuff upper lip can still play today.

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