The UK's love for baking: More than half now bake, with Gen Z at the forefront

The pandemic has seen Brits turn to baking. Credit: PA

Some 38 million Brits have turned their hand to baking in the last year, with young people taking up the hobby the most, according to a study by the Alzheimer's Society.

Generation ‘Z’ (16–24-year-olds) spent an average of more than 5.5 hours a month in the kitchen since the beginning of March 2020.

This is up from three hours a month previously.

This age group is also twice as likely to have spent money on baking advice like cookbooks and tutorials compared to other age groups.

More than half of Britons have baked in the last year. Credit: PA

Celebrity Chef Rosemary Shrager said: “Seeing so many of the younger generation pick up baking is so lovely.

"Baking can do so much good for the soul and the stomach.

"It’s wonderful to know so many of us have turned this past year into something positive by dusting off our aprons and whipping out our whisks."

Celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager says baking is "good for the soul." Credit: PA

On average, Brits have spent over £8.4 billion on baking essentials in the last year.

New sales data from IRI supports this with its latest figures into the nations shopping habits.

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In the past year, the UK has spent close to £1 billion on eggs, almost £500 million on cake mixes and a staggering £1.3 billion on butter.

Jaime Silvester, Head of Retail at IRI UK said: “We have already seen in the last year that for many, commuting has been replaced with cooking.

"With more time at home together, it seems that baking has become both a family activity and a way to entertain the children."

The new data was discovered by the Alzheimer's Society ahead of the charity’s Cupcake Day on June 17.To sign up, visit