Covid: Michael Gove to take part in workplace trial after receiving app alert following Champions League Portugal trip

Michael Gove will not be self-isolating following NHS Covid alert. Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove is to be tested for Covid-19 daily for a week as part of a pilot scheme after he was alerted by the NHS app that he may have come into contact with someone who had coronavirus on a trip to Portugal.

Mr Gove was forced to abandon a meeting with Boris Johnson and leaders of the devolved nations on Thursday when he was pinged days after returning from Porto with his son to watch the Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City.

The Daily Mail reported that it is believed the contact happened on the flight home from Porto.

The Cabinet Office confirmed Mr Gove had been pinged by the app.

Mr Gove had been due to meet the first ministers of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with the Prime Minister in a bid to strengthen the union.

Instead of self-isolating for 10 days, Mr Gove will be able to take part in a pilot scheme for workplaces, including No 10, where he can instead be tested every day for a week.