Diplomacy and display in Cornwall as Boris Johnson set to meet Joe Biden at Mounts Bay

Unfortunately the weather in Cornwall has a habit of spoiling the occasion and Thursday’s "wish you were here" postcard from Britain has been cancelled.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was due to meet US President Joe Biden with the stunning backdrop of Mounts Bay encouraging globe trotting tourists to come and see all this country has to offer.

Of course the meeting will still go ahead but the media will have to find other images.

There was a time when holiday postcards were the means by which our tourist destinations got their "wish you were here" message to the outside world.

US President Joe Biden arrives in Cornwall on Thursday

Today, the same is achieved digitally with Mr Johnson hoping that while journalists talk about details the public remember the beautiful locations.

The next few days are about diplomacy and display.

On the one hand politicians debate global issues while on the other the UK puts on a show.

Fortunately for the PM, the weather forecast is good and he should still be able to sign the picture postcards he wants the world to see.