Duchess of Cambridge and First Lady Jill Biden and the long convoy at a small Cornish school

Video report by ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship

The long motorcade carrying the First Lady swept through the Cornish village and turned a sharp right into the playground of the small stone-built school.

To say this doesn’t happen very often in Connor Downs, a village close to Hayle, would be a sizeable understatement.

A few moments earlier, a Range Rover carrying the Duchess of Cambridge had pulled up at the same school gates.

Ordinarily, that sight in itself, would have been enough of a moment for the villagers here, who had started to gather outside the school as word spread of what was happening.

The Duchess of Cambridge was quizzed about Meghan and Prince Harry's daughter Lilibet during a visit to a Cornish school with US First Lady Jill Biden

Dr Jill Biden’s eight car convoy only just fitted into the playground, nose to tail.

FLOTUS – the First Lady of the United States – has come to Connor Downs Academy to see the work they do here to shape the lives of children who have had "adverse childhood experiences".

Both the First Lady and Kate were described by the headteacher here as "passionate educators" and the school is one where a quarter of the pupils come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Head of School, Janice Eddy said she – and the whole school – were "excited" by the visit which builds on the Duchess of Cambridge’s work on the Early Years – and how a child’s experiences between the ages of birth to five will shape the rest of their loves.

Both Dr Biden and the Duchess were shown how this Cornish school – categorised as a "Trauma Informed School" – places a high priority on childrens’ mental health as well as encouraging positive relationships between children and adults.

Duchess of Cambridge (left) and the US First Lady, carrying carrots for the school rabbit, Storm, during a visit to Connor Downs Academy. Credit: PA

It was why the headteacher took Kate and the First Lady to the school’s animal enclosure.

Storm is one of the rescue bunnies – and the school also keeps chickens rescued from a battery farm to teach children about animal welfare and their own place in nature. 

The visit by Kate – is part of the wider deployment of the Royal family to the G7 summit.

The Queen will arrive here later for a reception with the politicians at the famous biomes of the Eden Project.

Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince William will also attend as part of a major diplomatic charm offensive for the world leaders.