Grenfell survivor condemns social housing action on fourth anniversary of devastating fire

Zoë Dainton escaped from the fourth floor during the Grenfell Tower Fire. Credit: ITV News

A Grenfell survivor has told ITV News she is frustrated over the lack of action as "people are still going to sleep at night in unsafe homes" - four years on from the fire.

On the fourth anniversary of the blaze, Zoë Dainton - who escaped from the fourth floor - condemns the lack of change on poor social housing and building safety since Grenfell.

Monday marks four years since a small kitchen fire in the west London high-rise turned into the most deadly domestic blaze since World War II.

The fire claimed 72 lives and more than 70 other people were injured.

Ms Dainton, who is also a member of Grenfell United group, fears another devastating fire could happen at anytime.

She said: "We're scared because it could happen tomorrow, it could happen anytime... And it's like what more needs to happen for changes to be made?"

'I'm scared what's going to happen next', Grenfell Tower fire survivor says changes to social housing should have been made days after the fire

When asked how urgent the campaign has been for the government to get things right, Ms Dainton said: "Really urgent - it was urgent from days after the fire!"

She tells ITV News Reporter Rags Martel: "The fact that you've just reminded me next year is five years and we're still having to fight for things that should have just been done... It's scary.

"I'm scared what's going to happen next."

She added she feels "disappointed and angry" four years after the fire.

"And the reason I feel that way is because you and I had this conversation on the 18 month anniversary on what needs to change and what needs to be done and four years on, not much has changed - and there's a lot more that needs to be done."

'People are still going to sleep at night in unsafe homes', Zoë Dainton says

Ms Dainton added: "Cladding is still on buildings, we saw what happened in Poplar recently, we saw there was a Leeds fire around a week ago.

"Cladding is still on buildings, people are going to sleep at night in unsafe homes, so I feel disappointed with all these promises that have been made and not much action has been taken."

Ms Dainton also told ITV News that Grenfell United feel let down by the government over the Queen's speech - as it did not mention social housing.

She said: "Despite Grenfell United applying that pressure, despite Grenfell United writing to Boris Johnson and saying, you know, 'this is important, it has to be in,' - we were still ignored.

"We were still failed by the government."

Grenfell Tower in London.

Ms Dainton explains: "By them putting the social housing white paper in the Queen's Speech it would've made recommendations and legislation, we could've started that change in social housing."

Meanwhile, the leader of the Labour Party has commemorated the fourth anniversary of the fire.

Sir Keir Starmer said: "Today, we remember the 72 people who tragically lost their lives in the fire at Grenfell Tower.

"Our thoughts are with the bereaved friends and family, as well as the survivors of that terrible night four years ago. 

"We stand with the community at Grenfell which has steadfastly campaigned for justice and change."

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said: “This is a day for the bereaved, the survivors and the residents of North Kensington - all our thoughts are with them as they remember the lives lost in the Grenfell Tower tragedy, four years ago today.

 “The Government will continue to stand with the community to honour those that lost their lives and ensure justice is delivered.”

The government says it is fully funding the cost of replacing unsafe cladding for all leaseholders in residential buildings 18 metres and above in England, with an unprecedented  £5 billion funding package to ensure residents are safe.