Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison tells Queen she was 'quite the hit' at G7 in face-to-face meeting

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison meets the Queen face-to-face

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the Queen she was "quite the hit" at the G7 as the pair met at Windsor Castle.

The Queen, who is also monarch of Australia, held the rare face-to-face meeting on Tuesday.

Wearing a vibrant yellow floral dress, the monarch was seen standing with her hands behind her back as she chatted to Morrison in the Berkshire royal residence’s Oak Room.

The Queen during the audience Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

During the meeting, the Queen greets him and says: "It's really nice to see you, in person this time."

Morrison bows and says: "Yes, Your Majesty. It's wonderful to see you."

After telling the Australian prime minister to step closer for the photographers, she remarks that she did not see him in Cornwall.

He explains the dinner was just for the G7 members, telling her: "You were quite the hit. Everyone was talking about you at dinner the next night."

The Queen says: "Oh Lord, were they really?"

To which Morrison replies: "They were. They were thrilled to see you."

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Since the start of the pandemic, the Queen has held scores of virtual audiences at Windsor, with guests usually speaking to her via video-link from Buckingham Palace.

The Queen met with world leaders at the G7 meeting in Cornwall last week. Credit: PA

A flat screen TV could be seen in the background of the room, amid the armchairs, cushions, antique furniture and bright red carpet.

Last week, the Queen met G7 leaders at a dinner at the Eden Project in Cornwall. She also welcomed US President Joe Biden to tea at Windsor Castle.