Paul Pogba moves Heineken bottle away day after Cristiano Ronaldo shuns Coca-Cola

Watch Paul Pogba move the beer bottle to the side like Cristiano Ronaldo did with Coca-Cola bottles

In a move reminiscent to Cristiano Ronaldo’s just a day earlier, France playmaker Paul Pogba moved a bottle of Heineken beer away from sight ahead of a press conference.

Devout Muslim Pogba, who was named man of the match in a 1-0 victory over Germany in their opening fixture at Euro 2020, picked up the bottle and placed it under the table on Tuesday night.

On Monday, Ronaldo shunned a couple of Coca-Cola bottles in a pre-match press conference, instead waving a bottle of water in the air in a move that reportedly had cut billions from the company’s market value.

The soft drink giant said in a statement on Tuesday that “everyone is entitled to their drink preferences”.

Heineken, which is an official sponsor of Euro 2020 along with Coca-Cola, has not yet responded.