Euro 2020: Tartan Army cheer on Scotland with bagpipes, songs and kilts ahead of England match

ITV News Correspondent Geraint Vincent on the tartan army's hopes for Scotland's Euro 2020 against England

From playing bagpipes to singing and dressing in kilts, a group of Scottish Tartan Army fans are going on tour as their team plays in the Euros for the first time in more than 20 years.

Travelling in a motorhome decked out with all things Scotland and Tartan Army quotes, the dedicated fans set off from Caithness last week and are well on their way for their 1,500-mile round trip.

The group, which includes Tartan Army piper Robert Bell, Martin Nicholson, David Farquhar, Ally Webster, Scott Bell, Euan Scott, Adie Forbes and Neil Smith - has also picked up fans in Glasgow.

Tartan Army on tour: Scottish fans celebrate Scotland playing in the Euros for the first time in 23 years

One of the fans, who has followed Scotland to two World Cups – France in 1998 and Italy in 1990 - spoke to ITV News Correspondent Geraint Vincent outside Wembley Stadium ahead of the much-anticipated England game on Friday.

Martin tells ITV News how much a win means to him and his national team

"It's very important for Scotland, we didn't get off to the very best of starts obviously, tomorrow night - underdogs big time," Martin Nicholson said.

"Scotland, a point tomorrow night is not a disaster. I do believe that Scotland can get something out of the game tomorrow night.

"We have a really good team spirit, the lads will try their very best for the nation and we will try our very best for the nation, as fans. No more we can give. Expectations: Scotland 2-1."

Robert says the atmosphere when he plays the bagpipes is 'one of the best feeling in the world'

Bagpipes player Robert Bell said: "You're never too sure when you come to England, when you come to London, I've played the pipes all over the world and the response has always been the same.

"But you're always a bit wary when you come down here because of the rivalry and obviously the history and how much the game tomorrow means.

"It means a lot to us historically and the way the campaign started off and I'm sure it means a lot to England as they want to beat us and they send out a message for the rest of the tournament.

"We've obviously got different priorities but when you get the bagpipes going, the response is always great - it's just one of the best feelings in the world."

Football fans have been showing their support for the Tartan Army bus tour fan group in Glasgow. Credit: ITV News

Another Tartan Army bus tour fan, David Farquhar, said the group are at Wembley to "make an impact".

When asked about his game prediction, Farquhar said: "We'll win 2-0 easy, set, done. Happy."

Another fan Ally Webster added: "I'm not too sure about that but we'll give it our best performance because our first game was a disaster for us and we've got to pick up points.

"I've been here throughout their whole campaign, it's been 23 years, with the Covid thing and everything, normally we would come with 50 guys but we're here with five or six of us, so we'll try to make it the best we can."