Wales v Italy Euro 2020 game will be 'very difficult' but team will give 100%, says captain Gareth Bale

'We have the bigger heart than any nation out there and we'll be giving it our all to try and win that game,' says Wales captain Gareth Bale

The Wales v Italy game will be a "very difficult game", Wales captain Gareth Bale admitted but he says his team has a "bigger heart than any nation out there".

The Wales team are currently in Rome, getting ready for their final group stage fixture on Sunday.

After beating Turkey 2-0 in Baku on Wednesday, Wales are in a good place to qualify for the last 16 of Euro 2020. They are second in the Group A table, with four points.

A win on Sunday will see the Red Dragons top the group. A draw will guarantee them a place in the last 16. A defeat could see them finish second, as long as Switzerland do not beat Turkey and beat their goal difference.

Commenting ahead of the game against Italy, Bale said: "They look a fantastic team. I think the record speaks for itself.

"And we know it's going to be a very difficult game tomorrow so we're doing all we can to recover and prepare and get that game plan in order.

"But come game day, we know we have the heart, we have the bigger heart than any nation out there and we'll give it our all to try and win that time."

Despite the secure position Wales is in, Bale said the team wants to win the group: "We want to win the game against Italy. We want to play the best teams in the world. We want to test ourselves.

"But if we can get a slightly easier run that would be ideal. But we're not worried where we play, who we play against, no matter who it is against, we'll give 100% and try to win the game."

Bale on his penalty miss: 'It was unfortunate not to score because i would loved to have scored'

Speaking about the penalty miss in Wednesday's game with Turkey, Bale said: "It was unfortunate not to score because I would loved to have scored.

"I guess I look back on it now as: if I had scored, you never know what could've happened in the game. We could've lost for all we know. So overall, it was a good thing because we went on to win the game."

Despite the missed opportunity, Bale's two assists helped Wales to victory against Turkey. The captain played a crucial role in Aaron Ramsey's opening goal and Connor Roberts' goal in stoppage time.

Bale said: "I feel like second half, with the heat and stuff, your body starts to struggle a bit and it kind of gave me that extra little bit of motivation to get me going again.

"In a way, for me personally, it kind of helped me push a bit harder.

"But I would've loved to have scored. But obviously, not everything's meant to be and it's about how you bounce back and not just me but how the team bounce back and we show real character in the game."

'We knew obviously playing a very good Italy team is going to be difficult so (the Turkey game) was a massive game for us.'

He said he and his team understood the game against Turkey was a "massive" one to put them in a good position before the "difficult" game with Italy.

The Wales captain also said the team have been singing the Welsh anthem Don't Take Me Home after games.

He said: "It's great to see fans celebrating and singing songs like that. Like I said, we wish there was more of them out here but obviously it's difficult in these times but we'll be doing all we can to stay in this tournament as long as we can."